Um, ignore that last post

I’m beginning to doubt my abilities. To wonder if I can make it. I know, I go through this often. I got sick, and have fallen behind on the Organic chemistry work I was supposed to have completed before the start of school (next Monday). I am meeting the instructor tomorrow afternoon, after a training session on being a tutor. I’m skipping the first day of the training since I have a doctor’s appointment out here in town.

I wrote to a scientist friend about his museum gig, and it sounds as if his route was nowhere near practical, and some luck was involved in timing. I am thinking I’d have to go into conservation science, and / or get a PhD in chemistry. Also, would have to center on cultural science, or conservation science. Not sure how that works.

So, depending on what happens this semester, I’ll see where this is all going, but am not too confident, truth be told.

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  1. scrivener says:

    Wow, cool. I just found this video of that professor talking about that landmark on YouTube. :)

  2. scrivener says:

    This isn’t really related, but I had a geography professor who had a side job as a consultant to the United Nations. You know that Temple in Indiana Jones, the one that’s carved into the side of a mountain (–jordan.jpg)? It was his job to go places like that and then determine how changes in the environment were going to affect these landmarks, and then make recommendations for preserving them.

    Not at all like what you just suggested, but the point is that you should study what you love, and then you never know what opportunities might present themselves.

    That same prof was also a certified gemologist, and once per semester he’d have a day where his students could bring their jewelry in for free appraisals. If I hadn’t already been THIS close to finishing with my BA in English, he was the sort of prof who could have inspired me to change majors.

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