Even Though …

What's Your Sign?
What’s Your Sign?

Even though I think of blogging as something irritating, I do it. As a kid, I kept a diary, and then a journal as I got older. There was something nice about writing for no one but yourself. Do people even do that anymore? Somehow, it’s doubtful that little kids have secret diaries or journals, but I’d like to think some do. That some people don’t feel the need to have all their thoughts broadcast to the world.

That said, I’m paid up on this hosting and domain name through 2017, so I’m gonna post here occasionally. Lol! But I won’t get too personal because that’s not my style.

So, if you read my blog, I’m happy. It’s cool if you’re a friend I’ve directed here, or a stranger. If something makes you laugh or just think about life or yourself, or think: What a loser she is, that’s also cool. As long as it isn’t super boring, but in that event, I’d hope you’d never waste valuable life-minutes reading something that adds nothing to your life.

The reason I say blogging is irritating, is because I’m obviously writing for an audience now that it’s published on the www, which means I have to be more thoughtful. More grammatically correct (or appropriately incorrect), and an attempt at being interesting and engaging (believe it or not) occurs when I sit down to write these things.

So, even though I’m pretty much boring … and despite the fact not much is going on with me, I thought I’d give the Internet a tap on the shoulder, or the finger, or a kick in the ass, and just say, “Hey.”

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2 Responses to Even Though …

  1. rid says:


    not much of reader these days, but i do look at the pictures. still see your updates through rss (who uses rss these days?).

    do foodies still happen? we should go drinking! haha.

    • honeybee says:

      I’m honored you even check out my blog at all! We haven’t had a foodie in a long while. Maybe cause I was being crushed by Chemistry and tutoring for the past year and a half! Yes – we should do something before I start grad school in January. I will try to set something up. :)

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