2014 summarized


I was a bit reluctant to see 2014 go. Here is the summary (in no particular order):

I traveled to the Northeast twice in that year, and saw various Smithsonian museums twice! Visited Shenandoah National Park
Stood on, and hiked parts of, the appalachian trail
Drove through 5 states
Saw the 9/11 memorial
FEMA headquarters
Lickdale, PA…
Hershey Park (rode 9 different rollercoasters)
Cape Cod
Mohegan Sun
met a screenwriter who solidified my interest in Library Science…
Bodyboarded for the first time
met a professional artist who got me into gardening
took oil painting and wasn’t half bad at it…
applied to grad school and got accepted..
won an award from the hawaii chapter of the American Chemical Society for Organic Chemistry 1 student of the year…
tutored organic chemistry
broke up with a man I had high hopes for at the start
Changed my career and educational goal from MS in Chemistry in order to teach at community college, to MLISc to become an archivist.
Received one marriage proposal
Went on two dates I didn’t think were dates, but apparently kinda were setups for dates
Started a garden here in Honolulu (my very first)
Made a counter-part, indoor garden in my apartment
Learned a lot about alcohol and mixed drinks
Had a mid-life retirement

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