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A picture of the study area the LIS students are able to work in

I’m balancing work, 2 LIS classes and one studio art class. You wouldn’t think so, but the art class is at times feeling like the most work. While I find the instructor to be a bit standoffish, it’s not his job to be our buddy. What’s important is that he’s a good teacher, and I do think that he is. We’ve worked with drawing pencils, vine charcoal and conte crayon so far. Our first portfolio is due soon. I’ve been struggling with boxes. Oh! They’re pretty tough. I was stoked we did some glass drawing. Here is a picture that demonstrates some shading techniques:


I still have the indoor garden, and the outdoor one, but with less time I find myself having settled into keeping the hardiest plants, requiring the least amount of care, inside, and throwing all the others outside so nature can play a role in their care. There is a plant that has been growing for a few months. It got pretty big and tall but had nothing but leaves until this week. Some interesting buds are showing now. I have a feeling it might be something called Angelica. I did plant something called Rottnest daisy, which I thought never took, but a part of me wonders if it could be this:
Gardening: the Mystery Plant
Mystery plant!

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