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A day for clouds: McCully bridge

Life is a series of events strung together by the state of mind you’re in, and how you choose to interpret your situation at that point in time. I had some bad weeks last month. Times when I felt just plain stupid about life in general. Anxiety was mixed in there as well, but not as much as when I was looking down the barrel of an MS in Chemistry.

Library Science, is so interesting to me. I’m learning a lot each week and feel like life is becoming more exciting as a result. Last night was a Friday, and do you know what I did? I went on to the Internet Archive, and downloaded some free books. I even registered and got an account in case I decide to start borrowing some, but if you read my last post, you know I have a ton of books to read along with my school readings.

At work, I’ve been dealing with Archive-it, as well as ScholarSpace, and eVols. I love it. The difference between ScholarSpace and eVols, is that ScholarSpace tends to host theses and research published out of UH Manoa, and eVols holds research from exterior sources. Archive-it, is a tool we use to take snapshots of specified websites during scheduled crawls. I’ve been inputting metadata, and verifying URLS. I’ve also been lucky to work with LibGuides.

I started going to the gym again. It’d been about a year or more, actually, since I stopped going two or three times a week to 24 Hour Fitness. I quit that membership since my student fees give me access to the Warrior Recreation Center here on campus. I do one day of upper body, one day lower, and various cardio. My latest new thing has been jumping on the StarTrac Treadclimber. I feel like it’s improved my leg strength, stamina, and balance. Sometimes I go in part so I can eat more. I count my calories, lately. I find it helps me to do so.

Since I’m only getting older, I figure this may very well be my last hurrah. If I want to ever be some really fit-looking kind of person, I need to do it in this decade of life. When I was in good shape, I just looked like an average person. Not necessarily like someone who could run marathons (even though I did run a few). This time, I suppose I’d rather look like someone who could run a marathon, but doesn’t. Does that make sense? Marathon training is waaaaay time-consuming. I don’t have the time for that anymore.

It’s Saturday. Spring break is coming, and I can’t complain about much. I have some good friends, and even though certain things still aren’t resolved in my life, it’s OK. Nothing’s in a bad way that I know of. I had some health-scares, but they turned out to be all right. I’m thankful. Just thankful.

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