being a contractor kinda sucks

I wish I was either federal, state, or private in a stable company, but right now I am none of those things. I’m a contractor working a GSA contract. The company who was managing me was pretty decent. I’ll call them Company A. A new contract was created and open for bids. What happened, was a scheming, manipulative, and (I kind of think) not entirely ethical company won. I also made the big fuck up of thinking I would be loyal to Company A, so by the time I heard Company B was winning, I had no room to negotiate.

Next time, no loyalties. I set a floor and every company that accommodates it gets me as a signer. I’ve been working for 5 business days now on the new contract and their timekeeping system has been broken the entire time. I probably will not sign with this company again if things keep happening this way. I learned a lot though.

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