Goldwell Open Air Museum

It’s hard to believe that only last week, I was in Las Vegas, NV on a Vacations Hawaii tour package. If you ever find yourself looking for something to do in Las Vegas, Nevada, and have some time to kill, (and you don’t mind driving 115 miles each way) I’d recommend checking out The Goldwell Open Air Museum.

Out amongst the mountains, are large sculptures that pop out of the landscape. There was a tiny office, which had pamphlets for visitors that we used to conduct a self-guided tour. You’re welcome to visit 24/7.

I could say more, but instead I’ll just show you some photos I took:
Hugo Heyrman: Lady Desert - The Venus of Nevada

Ghost Rider

The Last Supper

Sofie Siegmann: Sit Here

Dre Peeters: Icara

Fred Bervoets: Tribute to Shorty

Hugo Heyrman: Lady Desert - The Venus of Nevada

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