Stopped my workouts due to a cold

Last Wednesday, I came down with a cold that seemed mild at first, but then became pretty awful. So, I haven’t worked out since Thursday. I googled, and have also heard from other people, that it’s not good to workout if the symptoms you’re having are below the neck, which, unfortunately is where it’s been at for a while now. I canceled training with Kirstyn until Friday (don’t want to get her sick), and I’ve just been cleaning out my apartment and resting.

I’ve also been taking my BCAA’s first thing in the morning. I take 5 grams, and also try to get protein into my diet even though I cannot taste a thing because I’d hate to lose muscle during this downtime.

I have antibiotics I’ve been taking, but am not sure how long it’ll be until this congestion clears up. My doctor felt I was a bronchitis risk. Hopefully I can get back into things again.

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