It’s Aloha Friday: Art in Kaka’ako

One day, as I was driving back to Waikiki after some server maintenance, I ended up in Kaka’ako. I was trying to avoid the crazy lunchtime traffic clogging the arteries of Nimitz highway, and took a left onto Cooke street, in an attempt to maneuver my way upwards to Kapiolani Blvd. Traffic in Hawaii drives me crazy. Especially lunchtime traffic and weekend traffic. It’s just wrong to have to deal with traffic in the bright light of day… but I digress…

The detour was actually cool because it introduced me to a lot of artwork along the sides of various buildings in the area of Cooke and Auahi St. There were many other great works, but here are a couple of pics I took on this beautiful Aloha Friday in Hawaii nei:

Kaka'ako: along auahi street

Kaka'ako: Aloha Key at the intersection of Cooke and Auahi

Fridays are days for feeling free. A weeks worth of work behind you, and a weekend ahead to provide a break… though usually spent cleaning in my case. But still, good times! Mahalo to Sifu for driving me out this evening to take some pics.

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