Breaking Bad S05E06 “Buyout” (Beware of Spoilers)

Season 5 Episode 6

Another great episode. I always watch BB at least two times on Sunday nights… Sometimes three. Some thoughts so far:

The opening sequence… the music and the visuals of Walter, Mike, and Todd disassembling the motor bike so deftly and efficiently… it was really a neat sequence. Then, just seeing that hand in the dirt and the empty barrel. Wow.

If Saul, Mike, and Jesse teamed up, I think they could take Walt down, but Walt’s such a good manipulator, and right now he has Jesse so snowed.

In the first episode of season 5, we see Walt load a trashbag into the trunk of his car… and he put the Lily of the Valley plant in there. I’m just waiting for Jesse to find that bag.

I have a bad feeling Mike is gonna be killed by Walter soon. And he’s such a cool character too… Dammit! I hope I’m wrong about this.

Jesse: He’s been a lot smarter this season. He had the idea about the magnets (bitch)! and replacing the stolen methylamine with water. Go Jesse! I’m also thinking Jesse’s gonna die this season. He’s currently my favorite character on the show.

Skyler: I can see where the character is coming from. She’s basically a hostage and can’t turn back now without going to jail herself, but it was a pretty bold move on her part to jump into the pool and act crazy to get her kids out of the house. I think Walt invited Jesse to dinner, in part, to mess with Skyler.She may contribute to Walt’s downfall.

Walt: What an evil dude he’s become this season! Have you noticed the camera angles, especially in this latest episode? They are ominous. And the ego! “I am the Danger” and “I’m in the empire business.” Great lines.

I went back to Season 1, Episode 1, and it was Walt’s birthday. They had veggie bacon, and Skyler made it into a number “50.” And it’s a trip because they really seem to love each other. And now, one year later, Skyler wishes Walt were dead. Ironically, Walt only tried to stay alive for her, and would have been dead if he’d had his way initially.

Grey Matter: The fact that Walt checks the company’s value every week.. I can’t help but think we’ll be seeing more about Grey Matter this season— though, perhaps in the second half in 2013.

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