Treating my Runner’s Knee – Physical Therapy Session #2

Yesterday, 2/24/12, was my second session at Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists. They’re located in the Pan American building, along Kapiolani Blvd., in Honolulu HI. Here’s an old picture I took from Makaloa Street. with the Pan Am building in the background:

119/i365: Pan American

Shari was helping me again, and was super nice and easy to talk to. I went through 10 minutes of warm-up on the bike, followed by various stretches and exercises to get my inner-quad, and glute / hip flexors stronger. I asked her about her job as a physical therapy assistant since I’d had an interest in it myself at different points in my life. In recent years I ‘ve considered leaving my job in IT and looking into a whole new career.

Some exercises I did were side leg raises, sitting on the edge of the bed and raising my leg at the knee, leg raises while lying on my stomach, and some stretching. I also received ice and electrostimulation therapy on my left knee.

Craig, the Physical Therapist who runs the place, said I have to make sure to watch how I walk. Walk with toes pointing straight ahead, or even slightly outward, but never inwards. This is due to my anatomy. Shari said I can exercise (swimming, exercise bike and elliptical) but to take it easy and stop if there’s any pain and to use a low level setting on the exercise bike.

I’ve been instructed by them not to run. So far, I’m thinking they’re trying to get me to re-train my walking and they’ll tell me I have to also make sure to run the same way.

I do miss running…



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