2012 iRun 25K: 10.07.12

2012 iRun 25K - 10/7/12

Yesterday, I participated in the iRun 25K, which starts in Kailua at Kailua Beach Park, goes up into Lanikai, winds back down towards the park, then heads to the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Headquarters. On base the trail runs all the way down into a residential housing area at the bottom of a tiresome hill, and then we turned around and ran all the way back to Kailua Beach Park again. (Map)

I skipped the past two races in the BioAstin Marathon Readiness Series because I had an injury before the 15K, and I just wasn’t in the mood for the 20K. It’s a good thing I went since this was my longest run of 2012. So far, no injuries to complain about. Just some muscle tiredness in my quads and hammies. Yay!

I ate breakfast before this run since Kirstyn stressed the importance of it. I had 4 oz. okinawan sweet potato and 1/2 scoop of swanson’s protein powder at 3:30 AM. The race started at 5:30 AM, and it was my intention to eat a Hammerhead gel after running for 90 minutes, but I didn’t have any gels I could find at home, so I had to do the whole run with just that small breakfast in my stomach, and the water and gatorade offered at the aid stations situated approx. every 2/2.5 miles or so. I was so drained by the 12 mile mark, but managed to pull through. Lesson learned: Fuel is important.

Here’s a photo at Kailua Beach Park, taken after the run:
Kailua Beach

I wore a double cho pat knee strap on my right knee. I don’t know if I would have had knee issues (runner’s knee) if I had decided to go without it. Lots of people were wearing compression socks. I opted out of wearing mine, but I noticed more and more people seem to be sporting the knee-high look at these races. I’m not sure whether or not they make a difference for me. Maybe I’ll try them on a long run some time.

For all who ran the race, I hope you had fun!

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  1. Aloha “Underdog”,

    Would you mind if we were to use your picture from the top of the hill on base for our website/newsletter? What a nice picture! By the way, how did you like your race shirt?

    • honeybee says:

      Oh Thank you Frank! Sure thing – you can use the picture. The shirts were nice – I liked the red and white. :)

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