The Honolulu Marathon is 6 Days Away!

Sunday, December 9th, is the 40th Annual Honolulu Marathon. That means there’s a little over 5 days left til the big event.

I’m a total germaphobe throughout the year, but especially right now… so close to marathon, I know if I catch a cold that’ll be the end of it. I also have become suddenly accident prone. Last week, I slammed my knee into the washing machine door, and this led to knee pain for the following two days. Something inside is probably bruised. Thankfully, I could run 8 miles yesterday and it seemed OK, but I’m walking around like I’m on egg shells, babying both my knees. I keep hitting my arms on stuff too, and have a big purple bruise on my upper thigh from jamming my leg against something. What’s my problem!?! lol!

Marathon expo is coming up this week, running Wednesday – Saturday. I’ll try to snap some pics and post them here. I like the expo, since it takes place in the Hawaii Convention Center, which is a place I find exciting to this day.

313/i365: The Hawaii Convention Center during APEC week - 11/8/2011
A picture of the Hawaii Convention Center during APEC in 2011.

I was asked if I had any post-marathon rituals by @elementalgeek. The only thing I can think of is that I usually go somewhere to eat as a treat after the run… like Cinnamon’s last year, or The Original Pancake House. In the past I’ve also gone to Kuru Kuru Sushi. It’s all about the carbs with me, I suppose. (Also, I’m a cheap date).

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