GetGlue – An Entertainment Social Networking Site Where You Can Earn Free Stickers

There are a few social networking sites focused on interests that I like. One cool site that focuses on entertainment, is

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GetGlue is an Entertainment social networking site, which allows its users to check in to TV Shows, Movies, Music, Books, Games, and interests (or Topics) as they’re experiencing them. Anyone following your stream can see what you’re checking into, along with any comments you post. This can lead to some pretty cool discussion with random members on the site as people reply to each other. You can also write reviews, and follow other GetGlue users’ feeds, which all show up on your personalized dashboard. There’s also the ability to link your GetGlue account to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, so you can further share your Entertainment activity.

The coolest feature of GetGlue is that you can earn physical stickers for your check-ins, (yay free stuff)! usually for new movies, music, or tv shows. For example, if you check in during the premiere of a new episode of Game of Thrones, you can get a special sticker made just for that episode. Current new TV shows I’ve been watching include, Game of Thrones, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23, The Killing, Food Network Star, and Sherlock. Shows I’m looking forward to checking into again when their new seasons start-up: Breaking Bad, Luther, Community, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23, The Walking Dead, and Parks and Recreation.

Every 30 days, you’re eligible to request your stickers to be mailed to you. When you submit an order, 20 stickers at random are sent to you. So far I’ve received 3 sets of stickers which are high-quality and pretty cool. It seems to take about a month for them to arrive here in Hawaii after I place an order.

Here’s a pic of how I used my GetGlue stickers to brighten-up my food & exercise journal, which I carry with me every day:
Lively up

If you’re interested in being introduced to new movies, books, television shows, etc., and getting free stickers, GetGlue is the site for you! It’s cool to see what’s trending and learn about new shows / movies / music, etc. So far, pretty fun! It’s all good PR for everyone involved. You promote new media to friends and followers, and receive stickers you can paste on your belongings to further promote the GetGlue service and the media being represented in the physical world… Win-win!

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