Dailymile – A Fitness Social Networking Site to Keep You Active

Since I reviewed GetGlue recently, I thought I’d share another Social Networking site I enjoy, Dailymile.

Dailymile allows you to post various types of workouts, and you can share your activities with friends on the site. If you’re not feeling too social, you can always opt not to add any friends, and just use the site as a log for all your activities instead. Admittedly, I had an account that had so many friends, the problem I had was that I couldn’t keep up with the aggregated feed… I accepted anyone who friended me, and in the end, got overwhelmed and found it impossible to keep up with the workouts of my closest friends. I deleted my old account, and started anew, and keep it simple with only three friends.We are able to compare our training with each other, and in that way, friendly competition and motivation can occur. For example, my friend Lori and I have been challenging to see who can log the most mileage in 2012. (I’m way behind).

Dailymile allows me to keep an online fitness journal, for which the site produces weekly emailed reports, and many useful charts showing my progress which can be viewed in days, weeks, or months. The interface is easy to use, and allows me to choose the type of workout, distance (if applicable), duration of workout, my mood, and additional details like the level of effort put into it, any gear I wore, heart rate, and customized key words.

In addition to posting workouts, I can also post notes. My notes usually consist of excuses for why I haven’t been working out.

They also have an import tool, which allows Garmin users to import batches of workouts at a time.

One thing I think is really useful, is the ability to add mileage to your gear used during workouts, like shoes. So, I’m able to get a general idea of how many miles I’ve run in my shoes and can figure out whether it’s time to retire them.




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