Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!

According to SysAdminDay.Com, today marks the 13th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. Tell your system administrators (and any IT personnel, really), that you appreciate them today!  At my company, I can’t thank my admin since it’s pretty much me, but I am appreciative of all those unseen sysadmins out there… running the Netflix, GetGlue, Hulu, Spotify, and all those other systems I frequent… google, WordPress, Twitter, the folks at my ISP (Oceanic Time Warner), and Amazon.com, and all those invisible people all over the world making my Internet experience possible. Happy System Administrator Day to all of you!

I’ve known about this day for years now, since I’m an IT professional. Yesterday, one of the guys at work bought a cake for me and my supervisor that said, “Happy System Admin Day” on it. It was a pretty cake. Red velvet, with white creamy frosting, 3 layers high, and with chocolate lettering written on the top. We cut it up and shared it with everyone in the office. Most of our coworkers didn’t believe there was such a day, and I work for a software development company… lol!

It was a nice gesture, and I felt unworthy of it, but appreciative at the same time. I don’t usually eat stuff like cake anymore, but, I had to. It was pretty good. I ran 6 miles later that night to balance out my diet. hehe. He brought the cake yesterday since I’m off today. This pretty cake is from Diamond Head Market.

System Administrator Appreciation Day!

I felt super awkward about getting a cake. Especially on a day that had so many bad results in the morning for me, as a sys admin. A data update didn’t go as planned and had to be rescheduled, and there was a firewall issue, and in truth, my attitude towards IT hasn’t been so upbeat lately. But this cake was awesome! Mahalo!


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