Tracking my iPhone 5

Here’s a screenshot of my new tech bling’s journey to its new home in Hawaii:

Yes. I joined the masses and bought the iPhone 5. I ordered it on Thursday night here in Hawaii (9/13) since it was available to Hawaii residents online, beginning at 9 PM HST. I didn’t make it into that elite window of people who would receive their iPhones on 9/21, but was OK with that. I was given an estimated arrival date of 10/5.

Then, on 9/21 I received an email from Apple saying my phone should arrive on 9/27, and this morning (9/25), I received an email from UPS saying it’s coming by close of business today. I’m a bit torn. Do I authorize a release without signature? Do I gamble and hope they come after I get home from work? I may leave early today just for this reason… I’m irked since I changed my shipping address in my account preferences before checking out to my work address, but it wouldn’t take during the order, and the “edit” link was greyed-out in my shopping cart on the site. I was told I could call Apple, but thought I’d be home on the estimated ship date. Cool that it’s coming early though. Yay!

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