What’s a Superset?

Last week, I gazed at the offerings in the bin at Pretzelmaker in Kahala Mall and snapped pictures of them as Rich bought his coke and my diet coke from them. I didn’t eat any, but went home and stared at this picture, and imagined myself eating them.
Things I Want

I’ve started Month two (of three) in Kirstyn’s plan. Month two involves working out five days in a week in the gym, focusing on the following muscle groups: leg1, chest/tris, back/bis, leg2, and shoulders. In addition to the five weight workouts, I need to have four days where I do thirty-five to forty minutes of cardio. I’ll probably try to run or do elliptical if I have knee issues or just don’t feel up to running. (Though I hate the elliptical more than running).

Also new this month, is the introduction of a SUPERSET, which she explained was doing an exercise, and then really quickly, with no rest inbetween, going into a second exercise. For example, she has me doing: Flat bench press 5 sets of 10 SUPERSET with triceps bench dips.

I think I lost a couple of pounds with her workout last month, where I was going to the gym four days a week in the first two weeks, and then ramping up to five days of weights… and doing cardio whenever I felt like it.

Hopefully this yields even better results. I’ve noticed my appetite changing these days. I’m feeling more full, more often, and work hard to balance out my meals.

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