2013: Hooray! It’s the Obligatory New Year Post!!!

It’s January! My birth month, and the beginning of what will hopefully be a wonderful new year. At the very least, it will be another year of discovery as time unfolds and questions become extended questions, new questions, or new goals. I’m a huge optimist, if you didn’t know. Sometimes I feel helpless or hopeless, but that feeling passes, and then I just keep moving. It’s served me well so far. *knock on wood. Even when crap gets thrown at me, I do my best to get out of the way, adjust, and keep going. So, win-win?! Maybe. Or, I’m delusional. Whatever. Either way, I’m still moving!

New Year run along the Ala Wai Canal
Started off 2013 with a morning run.

I celebrated New Year’s Eve at my aunty’s house in Kapolei along with a bunch of my relatives. My Aunty and Uncle make ono Hawaiian food (homemade) and this was their last year doing it after decades. I have to thank them for all their years of opening up their home to us, and all the work they’ve done. It’s been a great family tradition, but they’re getting older, and I understand. I’m thankful to them. This is the end of an era for our family, which will surely be felt on the last day of 2013. I’m confident I’ll still enjoy the end of the year since New Year’s is my favorite holiday and I’ll be thankful if I have my basic physical, mental, and emotional capacities intact. (I’ve lived with a disabled person, so I know the value of being able to walk, and just function on an “everyday” level, and am always thankful for it).

2013 is a landmark year: I quit my career in IT, and registered for school with an end-goal of a 2nd Bachelor’s degree. I’m pretty excited, nervous, anxious… but mostly nervous about going back to sit in classrooms focusing on math and science (which were sidestepped the first time with my B.B.A. degree). Community college is 1/3 the cost of tuition at UH Manoa, and I’m more than happy to start out my trek at Leeward Community College. I believe in this goal enough to take the financial risk of quitting IT. I’ll have a much clearer picture of whether or not this goal feels doable by the end of 2013.

A picture of the ocean, and the color blue, which calms me. All the hues of blue in nature are lovely.

In March, I’m registered for the Hapalua — Hawaii’s Half Marathon. This will be my first year participating as long as I don’t get injured before then. *knock on wood

The Honolulu Marathon was only $26.20 for late registration (you have until Jan. 4th for this discount rate)! I’m not sure it’ll fit in among studying, working part-time, etc. But will play it by ear.

In preparation for school (which starts NEXT WEEK)!!! I’ve bought a lunch bag, notebooks, pens and pencils, protein bars, a backpack, a new belt, new shoes, a monthly planner, and $600 worth of textbooks. (Good God)! Still excited though!

Destination: Pacific Ocean
Where do we go from here?

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