Day 1 Down

My first day back to school was pretty great for a few reasons. For one, I made the right decision with the chemistry professor. He is in charge of STEM, and a great resource– very helpful so far, and an excellent lecturer.

My bio professor likes Laulima… which I can’t say the same for. But, he also seems like a nice person. I’m hoping to do well in his class. (Fingers crossed).

My online sociology class seems kinda tougher to navigate, but hopefully I develop a rhythm and everything will be fine.

I have yet to encounter math. I took a class lower than the one I tested into mainly out of uncertainty in my own abilities. The professor is known for making lame jokes, according to his profile, and I am READY for the lame jokes. I love lame jokes– especially when said by professors.

LCC is a great place to be so far. I believe in it as a stepping stone to UH Manoa. The professors and students are really nice there. I can’t say the same at Manoa… but I guess that’s the difference between Community College and a 4-year institution.

On a random note, I got asked to a ball by a classmate during Chemistry lab. He’s a lot younger than I am, and I mentioned to him when I was enlisted in the Guard, so he’s aware I’m in my late thirties (I think). I guess we were talking because he’s in the Army Reserves, and I’m prior service in the Army Guard, and he felt comfortable enough to ask me to go. He told me he had a deadline to submit a form if he wanted to attend the ball (Army ball, apparently), and said the female friends he asked couldn’t make it, so I thought about it, and was like: “Sure. Sounds fun.” I purely see this as a classmates kinda thing, and NOT A HOOKUP. I repeat: NOT A HOOKUP! I think it should be an interesting experience and I can only hope I look OK in the dress that I have yet to purchase for this event. I also sincerely hope my professor doesn’t think I am cougar-ing his younger students. I really felt a little odd about accepting, but thought: Nah. This kid seems legit, and nice, and how many times in my life am I going to be invited to go to a ball? It felt like good Karma to help him out. Sounded like he really wanted to go to this ball…

I did my homework for BIO, but now I have to work on the rest. I’ll also have to get a part time job soonish. But, so far, so good.

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  1. Hit on and asked out on a date on your very first day of classes. Impressive. Most impressive.

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